Patrice Lumumba’s Letter to Pauline Lumumba, 1960

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My beloved companion,

I write you these words not knowing whether you will receive them, when you will receive them, and whether I will be alive when you read them. Throughout my struggle for the independence of my country, I have never doubted for a single instant that the sacred cause to which my comrades and I have dedicated our entire lives would triumph in the end.

But what we wanted for our country its right to an honorable life, to perfect dignity, to independence with no restrictions was never wanted by Belgians colonialism and its Western allies, who found direct and indirect, intentional and unintentional support among certain high officials of the United Nations, that body in which we placed all our trust when we called on it for help.

They have corrupted some of our countrymen; they have bought others; they have done their part to distort the truth and defile our independence. What else can I say? That whether dead or alive, free or in prison by order of the colonialists, it is not my person that is important. What is important is the Congo, our poor people whose independence has been turned into a cage, with people looking at us from outside the bars, sometimes with charitable compassions, sometimes with glee and deliight. But by faith will remain unshakable.

I know and feel in my very heart of hearts that sooner or later my people will rid themselves of all their enemies, foreign and domestic, that will rise up as one to say no to the shame and degradation of colonialism and regain their dignity in the pure light of day. We are not alone. Africa, Asia, and the free and liberated peoples in every corner of the globe will ever remain at the side of the millions of Congolese who will not abandon the struggle until the day when there will be no more colonizers and no more of their mercenaries in our country.

I want my children, whom I leave behind and perhaps will never see again, to be told that the future of the Congo is beautiful and that their country expects them, as it expects every Congolese, to fulfill the sacred task of rebuilding our independence, our sovereignity; for without justice there is no dignity and without independence there are no free men. Neither brutal assaults, nor cruel mistreatments, nor torture have ever led me to beg for mercy, for I prefer to die with my head held high, unshakable faith, and the greatest confidence in the destiny of my country rather than live in slavery and contempt for sacred principles.

History will one day have its say; it will not be the history taught in the United Nations, Washington, Paris, or Brussels, however, but the history taught in the countries that have rid themselves of colonialism and its puppets. Africa will write its own history and both north and south of the Sahara it will be a history full of glory and dignity. Do not weep for me, my companion; I know that my country, now suffering so much, will be able to defend its independence and its freedom.

Long live the Congo! Long live Africa!

Source: Patrice Lumumba, The Truth about a Monstrous Crime of the Colonialists, Moscow, Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1961, pp. 230-231.
Written: by Patrice Lumumba;
Transcribed: Strongblacktree

Paz y Amor

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Without love there would be no peace,
Without peace the world would cease.
Peace is something we all should seek,
We lack it we feel sick.

We mutually benefit from love and peace,
For it is just and always fair to have.
When we find love we find peace,
For if we have peace our life is complete.

We just need to open our hearts,
That’s where love and peace clearly starts.
Cause when we find love we feel at ease,
And when we have peace we are free.

Peace is freedom peace is not violence.
Give peace to all the land,
As you give peace to our earth.
Love your neighbor as you love the world.

Peace is not the absence of power,
Peace is the presence of love.
We don’t need to quarrel and fight,
Instead we need to love one another and live in harmony.

World peace can be achieved
When in each person,
The power of love
Replaces the love of power.

Peace and love y’all!

Turn your lights down low

Loving you is like a song I replay

Every three minutes and thirty seconds of everyday

And every chorus was written for us to recite

Every beautiful melody of devotion, every night

It’s potion like this ocean that might carry me

In a wave of emotion to ask you to marry me

And every word, every second and every third

Express the happiness more cleary than ever heard

And when I play them, every chord is a poem

Telling the lord how grateful I am cause I know you

The harmonies possess a sensation similar to you caress

If you asking then I’m telling you it’s yes

stand in love, take my hand in love, God bless.


The years and energy you spent working towards a vision may be forgotten and credit may go to those who come after you. work towards your vision anyway. The life changing programs and organizations you build may be destroyed by the whims of those with resources and influence. Build life-changing with programs and organizations anyway.

The community you love and work hard to strengthen may occassionally doubt your motives and attack you. work hard to strengthen this community any way. The people you help may never understand or appreciate the hours you put in or other sacrifices you make. Help them anyway. when you fully engage in conversations about race, gender, disabillity, and other identities, you may make mistakes, get misinterpreted, or get hurt, fully engage in these conversations anyway.

If you work to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion, you may get stonewalled or punished by those with power and privilege. work to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion anyaway. If you take risks to hire or invest in the communities and individuals who have been most affected by injustice or those who may not comform to society’s arbitrary standards, you may get burned in the short run. Take the risks anyway.

Openly share your failures and lessons learned, and people may look down on you and use your words against you. openly share your failures and the lessons you gain anyway. If you speak up against unjust philosophers and practices, you may lose donors, funders, colleagues, and other supporters. speak up against injustice anyway. Many volunteers, board members, donors, funders, community members, and colleagues are frustrating to work with. Appreciate their efforts and find the good in them anyway.

If you work hard and do things ethically, you may get surpassed by less competent people and organizations with privilege, connections, or flexible ethics. Work hard and do things ethically anyway. If you take the high road, you may get attacked by those who take the low road, and you may not be able to defend yourself. Take the high road anyway.



I just had a word with my forefathers

They said this would hit you hard like firecrackers
Black truth, coming from a black root
We have to go back to black
We have to put black on track
Black sold black
Black scold black
Too many lies, black told black
Moving forward in life, black hold back
Black hates black
Black don’t rates black
Black underates black
Even some black don’t wanna see some black people date black
Black beat black
Black hit black
Black cheat black
Black maltreat black
Black kill black? (yes!)
Black don’t feel black
When black give black, black want to steal back
Black don’t support black
Black extorts black
Black deports black
Black reports black
Black snitch black
Black bewitch black
Black don’t enrich black
Goodwill, black never wish black
Black don’t appreciate black
Black never tolerate black
Black relegate black, that’s why black currencies depreciate back
Black deceive black
Black don’t believe black
Black religion, black division
Lies they feed on
Blocks division
We do this for the next generation of black
Let my music be the truth and penetration for black
Love is the answer for the elevation of black
This slave mentality, we need a new motivation for black
Black leaders you don’t need to have a bad mind
You travel go abroad, you see good roads and airports
You come back and act blind
Clean water, good food, we can’t find
Blackness, black richness, black excellence, black love
And black mind (that’s what we want)
No, no, no, no (no love, no love)
No love, no love
No, no, no, no (no love, no love)
No love, no love
No, no, no, no (no love, no love)
No love, no love
No, no, no, no (no love, no love)
No love, no love
Freedom (freedom, freedom, freedom)
(All I want is) freedom
Freedom (freedom, freedom, freedom)
Black hating black is the reason why the growth is taunt
If I don’t love you as my black brother, what else do I want?
Every black must have each other’s back if they wanna be in front
Now let’s rewrite the black live, in a bold font
That’s what we want, one love


Africa day

Fifty six years have passed since the birth of African unity and the independence of African countries. Triggered by their spirit of Pan-Africanism the great African heroes like Nelson Mandela, kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Jomo Kenyatta, Patrice Lumumba and Kenneth Kaunda.Their great determination to free africans from foreign dominance and exploitation have never stopped and will never be.

The transformation of the African countries through education and technology pushes us the people of Africa to the greater heights. Believing that Africa’s unity is vital to economic, social and political success within the African countries has been a main value of every African. Sharing the same African culture and heritage and above all sharing not only the common history but the common destiny is our mission.

Fighting for the rights of every African and peace throughout the whole African continent has been our theme since the days of our great leaders. Africa day is a reflection to show the courage of feeling Pan-Africanism as the way of Africa’s reliance, giving the African youth every support they need is of a greatest impact for the dream of africa’s development to be reached.

Celebrating the Africa day is the way of sitting back together again to think about the vision of Africa and the role of every African around the world to bring back the same sense of African unity as a driving force of the African economy, healthy, education and the development of Africa.

Erick Luther Ruzindana

We are the world

Our world in turmoil, triggered by civil wars, plagued by roaming gangs of terrorists and the political factors. Genocide and humanitarian crisis are rife; human violence due to race, gender, religion. Tremendous fear within the societies, terrorism and murder falling in the hands of the people on streets day and night.

Inequality, extreme poverty and hunger, it has become a culture (where the biggest fish swallows the small ones) y’all know what i mean; racism has become a song that even the black and white children no longer seat together in class, hate has overcome the love.

Children and women violence, drug abuse, being threatened all because of one’s colour, suicide all because of depressions and fear, mass killings and slavery of humanity like as if the history want to repeat itself! Not at all.

Western World Wars and political issues, the technology we invented is being used for no good reason but to create those weapons that is going to finish us and destroy our mother earth.

Global warming and climate changes that goes on with events such as heat waves, droughts, wildfire, heavy rains with floods that significantly affects us humans and not to forget animals, that we humans must protect but do not care for our lives and of theirs as well.

But we have to stand and fight against all these political, social and economic wars; we must take the first step to fight against inequality, hate and racism whether you are black or white, we have to stand together and firm to fight for our rights and the rights of the next generations to come. “we are the world we, are it’s children, we are the ones who makes a brighter day so let us make it”.

Eric Luther Ruzindana

100 darkest days

A year came, it was the seventh day of april 1994.

I remember a hundred endless darkest days when fear nocked on the doors of tutsis.

With confidence and support they rushed, machetes and swords they carried.

Cries of innocent tutsi children heard in the land of a thousand hills , it was the rainy season but the beginning of massacre.

Brave tutsi men tried to protect their families but pangas was on their neck, women and young girls being raped at the daylight, no mercy for the smiling todlers.

Brothers and sisters turned enemies, neighbours turned into strangers.

The so called priests, bishops and pastors who we called fathers were on the frontline to deliver us in the hands of the devil. The order was to destroy and eliminate every tutsi blood.

The world watched when millions of tutsis were being slaughtered and massacred but did nothing to stop the genocide.

Thousands of tutsis was displaced others became casualities, and they are revising their wounds and scars. the ones whom were to vanish “left to tell”.

Hallowed be the brave inkotanyi who gave their all to put an end on the genocide against the tutsis, not until they conquered, that songs of joy were sang.

Peace and reconciliation became a theme of every rwandan, genocide will never happen again.

Eric L Ruzindana

womens day

A woman is a queen in one’s kingdom, the one who carried us 9 month in her womb; the one who raised the kings, presidents, scientists, architectures, philosophers and many other great people in the world. A mother of nations and a sister to the world. A woman is the important stronghold in a home because of the care she has and affection for her children. A woman is a second creator of the world, a woman’s heart is generous and brave. No woman no life.

Happy womens day

Eric L Ruzindana